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The Savoy Story


The name and logo is deeply rooted to the Geneva region, Pascal Savoy‘s place of birth, and represents perfectly the character the brand will convey: strong, memorable yet refined. A very personal insignia that represents the commitment, determination, and passion of its founders.

Joined by marriage, the couple interlocks their Aries and Capricorn horns as a symbol of their partnership personally and professionally while pointing at opposite sides to individually highlight their strains in different areas of the business. Used merely as inspiration, the tower on the background is indicative of the The House of Savoy, a fortified house with deep foundations and structural integration that emphasize the luxury sense of the brand.

Today the SAVOY brand is synonymous with confidence, character and class: a sense of royalty but with a fashion edge and an unconventional look.

SAVOY is the new accessory brand with modern history!

After two years of development, SAVOY was finally launched worldwide at the 2011 Baselworld fair and was immediately credited as one of the most innovative design in its price category.

The watches are designed and manufactured in Switzerland and SAVOY prides itself on its lifestyle brand, and on producing watches with a distinct, unique and recognizable look. It is a high-end company, competing with some of the most well-known luxury watch brands worldwide, but is likewise known for watches of style and quality with the appropriate pricing.

The brand belongs to a very well established and private Swiss group that in addition owns and represents fashion brands like: ESCADA, TIMBERLAND, POLICE, AIGNER, SWISS MILITARY, ROAMER to name a few. Their portfolio of brands are managed and represented through a network of offices in Switzerland, Dubai, Hong Kong & Ft. Lauderdale in the USA.

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